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Feb 27, 2012

MTV Rough Cut + Punk’d

MTV sat down with Taylor to talk about her favorite part of making The Lorax, her fascination with acting, how she was affected by the Hunger Games, and more! Be sure to check them out below and by clicking here for the rest!

Edit: MTV has posted a clip of Punk’d! It’s only audio, but you can hear Taylor and it’s entertaining so make sure to check it out below! The show is going to start airing on the 29th of March.

3 Comments on “MTV Rough Cut + Punk’d”

  1. “Seems like there’s always someone who disapproves. They’ll judge it like they know about me and you. And the verdict comes from those with nothing else to do. The jury’s out, my choice is you.,@#$%^&&*************

    i lov u taylor swift
    frm india khadir khan

  2. that’s what i said..i wasnt surprised that she cussed lol cause i know she does…im trying to figure out what cuss word she said lol

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