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    61 Comments on “Contact”

    1. hi taylor
      my fav. song written by you are ,stay ,stay,stay Back to December, and mean .those to me are #1.although I love all your songs
      I am 8

    2. Hi Taylor!
      I am so excited to hear you sing on May 25, 2013 in Texas! You are an amazing singer/songwriter and you have inspired me so much! I basically listen to your songs 25/8 (more than 24/7! ALOT more!) I am not a very good singer but I love to do it anyway… mostly in the shower haha… but I do love to dance:) I am a member of the varsity dance team at Lewisville, High School as a freshman and your story is a big inspiration for me to follow my dream, no matter how young I am. I can’t WAIT to go to your concert! My friend Miette and I are super pumped! We will be wearing these awesome red wigs (maybe some big flowers in our hair? We don’t quite know yet) and some fake eye lashes and were gunna hold up some red light up signs for you! Thank you so much for caring for your fans like you do, it really means a whole lot to me! Please say hi to your beautiful cat Merideth and Mrs. Swift and the rest of your family for me! I will probably bring a present for you, your mom, and Merideth, too! I’ll probably give it to security or maybe if I see your mom I will give the presents to her because I’m getting there pretty early because we are just so freaking stoked for the concert!!

    3. I’m not much of a fan, but don’t feel bad I pretty much dislike all new music. I don’t really know you I don’t have Facebook or Twitter so i don’t follow you on that sh*t. What little I do know makes me fan of you. just wanted to say I worked a lot of concerts and your’s had the fans screaming the loudest.

      By: Michael Joseph

        1. Kaila, erm i think he was rude about the social networks…seemed positive about Ms Swift, even though he’s not into her :D

      1. She is !it’s not the real Taylor swift she has smoking websites and you choose to believe this one!it’s just a fake and were did y’all get the idea she’d running the’s probably just a fan site.and I don’t care how much u like Taylor swift, this one is a fake phony. So if u want to see the real Taylor swift go get a backstage pass for consert and ask her there “what is your real phone #” and “what is your website” and “what is your email? ”

        This is not the real Taylor swift so do yourself a favor and get it together and join reality!

    4. Hi Taylor. My name is David and I’m 12. I am starting a fundraiser for under privileged kids. We are trying to help them get supplies. I would love if you would take part. Please contact me and would love if you did.
      David Hamilton.

    5. Hi Taylor!!!
      I can’t believe you might actually be reading this omg omg omg! I love you sooo much you don’t realize how amazing and perfect and beautiful you are, you are my absolute idol!

      I was wondering if on the 14th of December, in your Melbourne concert, if you could sing “Never Grow up”? My Mum (her name is Andrea, like your mum :) ) is going to the concert and she absolutely LOVES the song and get’s everyone to listen to it. I told her you don’t usually sing it live because it makes you cry and she said she’ll cry with you. Also if this isn’t too much to ask, could you also sing Tied together with a smile? I know these songs I’ve requested are really personal but I feel as if I can relate to them the most I LOVE YOU THANK YOU FOR YOUR MUSIC :) :) :)
      Love Stacey xoxoxoxoxoxox

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