Quotes About Taylor

“She just seems like a really true friend, and it’s just really great to meet people in this industry [like her]. A lot of people I’ve met have a preconceived idea [about her], at least from tabloids, but she’s one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.” – Sarah Hyland

“Taylor is a musician who does things under her own name and tells her own stories—her songs and her albums are her.” – Emma Stone

“When you hear just the dedication she’s had to her fans and how much work she’s done, for a person that’s so young, that kind of awareness doesn’t always come early.” – Dianna Agron

“Anyone who thinks Taylor Swift isn’t good for the girl cause has to be crazy, because any woman who’s dominating the charts, the creative director of her own empire, and made whatever millions of dollars last year is only lifting us up. Killing it. And she’s super-creative, an amazing role model, beautiful…..And I think it’s fake intellectuals who don’t have an interest in her. I think real intellectuals would be interested in what she’s doing and understand that she represents something really cool and like a great cultural shift. Anyone who tries to debate Taylor Swift with me, I’m like, “You are an uninformed consumer, and you will be shut down. You’re not doing this.” – Lena Dunham

“Taylor works her tail off. I think she is the hardest-working person in the music business, period. I just love her to pieces.” – Reba McEntire

“You know she’s one of those rare artists that come along that there’s only been a handful of throughout the history of music, who creates such a weight behind her, pulls so many people into what her music is about that they discover so many different artists because of what she does. She’s just a really special, special artist.” – Tim McGraw

“I think girls need to be more supportive of each other. I definitely agree with that. I’m all about that. Taylor has been one of those girls. We have been friends for five years. She is very strong. She doesn’t care what people think and she inspires me.” – Selena Gomez

“She’s the real deal. Absolutely the real deal in every way, shape and form. She’s a writer, she’s a singer, she’s a beautiful girl, apparently she’s got her head on straight, I think she’s gonna be Loretta Lynn, like, she’s gonna be around… Yeah I think she’s the real deal, in a popular way. She’s writing pop songs now, but she’s 20 years old. And they’re hit pop songs. She’s good, she’s real.” – Jon Bon Jovi

“She’s a great entertainer. You judge who’s entertaining by your audience and the response of your fans, and … they’re all great entertainers but I was just thrilled to death that she got it. She represents herself so well for the youth of today. I just wish so many more of the young people would follow her lead in that respect. There’s not a thing that kid can’t do: she’s beautiful, smart and talented. I really admire that; I was proud for her.” – Dolly Parton

“That girl with the curly hair who wears her heart on her sleeve is going to be very important to you in life. She’ll teach you that you can love people, have emotions, be vulnerable, get hurt, and still be an amazingly strong and successful woman. You’ll spend hours on the phone talking about boys and life. When you get to be in the same city for a day all you two will want to do is watch Law & Order marathons and eat Chinese food. No matter where she is or how busy she may be, she’ll always answer the phone when you need to talk. She’ll give the best advice and when you don’t follow it because you are too stubborn, she’ll be right back for round 2 advice without so much as batting an eye. She is special. Her words are inspiring. Hold on to her.” – Ashley Avignone

“When Taylor won entertainer I secretly sang (Beyonce’s) ‘Who runs the world? Girls,’ to Blake,” Lambert said after she and husband Blake Shelton repeated as male and female vocalist of the year. “I’m just really happy that females are starting to be very prominent and it is the female singer-songwriter.” – Miranda Lambert

“Entertainer of the Year is meant to say, ‘You’ve represented country music the best this year.’ She had done that, and for her to not win it would’ve been wrong.” – Brad Paisley (discussing Taylor’s nomination for 2009 CMA Entertainer of the Year)

“It’s weird, man. I never thought that I could be that good friends with a musician that I met through music. All my school friends are like my close friends, and everyone else is kind of acquaintances. And coming to America, I think there’s a lot of ego in the music industry and a lot of fake chauvinism, I guess. And I met her and she had exactly the same views as me on everything, and had been successful and has managed to maintain humility throughout it. So that’s what kind of first drew me towards her. And then just finding out that as a person, she’s got a wicked sense of humor, she’s very family-oriented, she works very hard. We just clicked. I don’t think we really go a day without speaking, which is cool. It’s helping me through this whole mental process, to have somebody who’s already been through it.” – Ed Sheeran

“There are so many and it’s hard to put my finger on one, but I will isolate Taylor Swift because as a singer/songwriter I just think it would be extremely fun to share together.” – Shania Twain (on who she would like to work with)

“She is a really intriguing character in music in that she’s one of the biggest pop stars in the world and yet I think her songs are brilliant, I really do. I heard ‘Trouble’ and I listened to the lyrics and I was thinking it would be cool to just do a slightly different take on this and make it a bit darker musically. Because lyrically it is quite dark. I think she’s a lot more real than people think she is.” – Tom Odell

“Taylor Swift’s dedication to advocacy at such a young age continues to inspire me, and I’m delighted to honor her as one of our 2012 Ripple of Hope Award recipients. […] and especially the compassion she’s shown as a proud defender against bullying and LGBTI discrimination. […] As a young person, Taylor has already accomplished so much, and I look forward to watching all that she will do to help build a brighter, more peaceful world for us all.” – Kerry Kennedy

“Taylor deserves it. I don’t think there is anyone with half a brain that would say otherwise. She has done a lot for us in country music. We are lucky enough in country music to call her one of us.” – Blake Shelton

“And I think Taylor Swift is just an exemplary young lady. It’s kind of interesting to see what a profound songwriter she is. I don’t even think anyone has realized, the long term is going to be the bigger revelation. It’s incredible how quickly she writes songs. We’ve hung out a couple times, we live near each other in Nashville.” – Reese Witherspoon

“She’s a hard worker. Even now, she’s the biggest country and pop singer in the world and she’s still working hard. She’s not taking vacations and time off to just take a breather … I know that she got to where she is because she worked hard and I’m never going to stop because I want to get there, too.” – Cassadee Pope

“I was out shopping with my husband and we ran into Taylor. My husband, who never says anything, was so impressed with her presence and how she carried herself. He knows who she is and knows her music, but he was blown away when he met her. He kept saying about how she is the epitome of a superstar.” – Sharon Osbourne

“I think Taylor Swift is a really good artist. I feel like her personality shines through everything she does, her music, her fashion, her style. She won Album of the Year, and she’s a really good writer. I’m a song writer so I respect artists who write their own songs. She won Album of the Year when she was 18 or something like that so, I think she’s dope.” – Mike Posner

“She’s just a super-fun, nice girl. Behind the stage she’s just super chill and likes to have fun. We had a food fight once. I threw some apples at her. We were tossing food back and forth in her dressing room and then it just turned into a food war.” – Austin Mahone

“We met on a level of having dinner with mutual friends, so I had to be, like, “yes, we’re peers.” She’s just what you would expect. She’s lovely, totally genuine, and so funny and quick, and eased my nerves right away. She was a good gal to consult on the break-up front – her music and her words of wisdom. There’s no non-gross way to talk about this, I’m sorry. But as we’ve become friends, that [fangirl] stuff just kind of goes away and you separate it more. Even though she’s really a very similar person in both sides of her life, there is this fangirling thing that creates this different person. So that just kind of had to go away but that’s ok because she’s a wonderful person.” – Tavi Gevinson

“This sounds really extreme but it was one of the most proudest moments of my life just because she’s, if I’m right, one of the most biggest female artist if not the biggest, and she’s just awesome. I’ve always been a fan of her and we met awhile ago on a chat show, actually, and I knew she was a fan because she was reciting my lyrics from songs off the album, and I left from Europe actually straight out to her show. It was really chill, they’re really lovely. We had a really good sound check and I got to go on that lift, you know like one of those rock star lifts. It was really, really, good fun.” – Ellie Goulding

“I remember thinking, ‘This girl is so talented. I don’t care if she’s 15 or 40, I’m just a fan. She’s really authentic and that whole thing you see with her is what you get — like I remember her playing me songs in her bedroom that ended up on her Fearless record and she really was just a little girl in her bedroom with all these fantasies and a journal full of songs. It was so endearing.” – Tyler Hilton

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