Staff Copy

Name: Hong
Age: Early 20’s
Countries: Netherlands
Position: Administrator
Duties: I am the main admin in charge of the whole site. I make sure the site runs nicely with the assistance of NassauSwifty, manage the social media extensions of the site, and keep the gallery up-to-date. I also moderate the forum, post new content on the forum, and write daily updates for the main page with the help of the co-webs.
Favorite Taylor Songs: Tim McGraw, A Place In This World, Love Story, Change, Sparks Fly, Ours, Long Live.

Name: Kp
Country: US
Age: 21
Position: Administrator
Duties: Updating the main page and creating graphics for the forum. I also help moderate the forum and post new information as I find it.
Favorite Taylor Songs: Tied Together With a Smile, Tim McGraw, Haunted, All Too Well, Sad Beautiful Tragic.

Name: Carolina
Country: US
Age: 23
Position: Veteran Moderator
Duties: I update the main page. I deal with the social media aspect of our site, updating our twitter, tumblr and Instagram accounts, especially live coverage of major events or concerts. I find the lastest news backed with credible sources and post them on the forum.
Favorite Taylor Songs: Come Back…Be Here, Tim McGraw, White Horse, All Too Well, Last Kiss.

Name: Chris
Country: Perú
Age: 22-oo-oo
Position: Veteran Moderator
Duties: Monitoring the boards and showing members the forum’s appreciation through birthday threads.
Favorite Taylor Songs: Tim Mcgraw, The Outside, I’m Only Me, Change, You’re Not sorry, Love Story, Never Grow Up, Innocent, Long Live, All Too Well, The Last Time, etc. Far too many to accurately just name a few.

Name: Joe
Country:  US
Age: Late 20’s
Position: Veteran Moderator
Duties: To help the forum on media,news etc. or anything else the forum needs.
Favorite Taylor Songs:  Forever & Always, Enchanted, All Too Well, Last Kiss, Sad Beautiful Tragic.

Name: Florencia
Country: Argentina
Age: 23
Position: Veteran Moderator
Duties: I keep the forum updated during live events, especially live shows; I post various news items regularly and am otherwise available to help with anything else. I also write updates for the main page, and help updating our Facebook account.
Favorite Taylor Songs: Breathe, The Other Side of the Door, Dear John, If This Was A Movie, Come back…Be here.

Name: NassauSwifty
Country: Netherlands
Age: Twenty-something
Position: Administrator
Duties: Performing the job as Administrator who like to contribute in the Picture and Tour section. Besides this I’m also helping on a technical level to make sure the complete site runs smooth and stable.
Favorite Taylor Songs: You Belong With Me, Haunted, Back To December, I Knew You Were Trouble.

Name: Aljaž
Country: Slovenia
Age: 19
Position: Junior Moderator
Duties: Along with posting all kinds of news I update tour threads and our Tumblr. Besides that and moderating the forum I do anything else that is required.
Favorite Taylor Songs: Mine

Name: Sarah
Country: USA
Age: N/A
Position: Junior Moderator
Duties: To keep the forum up to date with the latest news, pictures & videos!
Favorite Taylor Songs: Enchanted, I Almost Do, & Mine.