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Jul 9, 2023

The Eras Tour: Kansas City, Missouri (Night 2)

Last night was the final show in Kansas City , MO at Arrowhead Stadium for The Eras Tour! Once again, Taylor played Long Live during the Speak Now set on the Koi fish guitar. The surprise songs were Last Kiss and Dorothea. Videos of these two beautiful performances are below. The Eras Tour heads to Denver, CO next!

1 Comment on “The Eras Tour: Kansas City, Missouri (Night 2)”

  1. I just returned from the Kansas City nights of Taylor Swift’s Kansas City tour. I have been composing and producing music for television for decades. I’ve worked with, watched, and recorded with so many of the greatest musicians in Hollywood for decades.

    NEVER have I witnessed multi-level talent or the sheer force of nature that is Taylor Swift. My 26-year old daughter Abby, a law student at Creighton, stood next to me on the 8th row of floor section H for three hours and thirty minutes. She sat online for an entire day to capture three $100 advance tickets, all she could afford. She sold them for an unprecedented amount of money and could have paid off law school bills. Instead she leveraged them to ATTEND. She has been a fan of Taylor’s since she was 13.

    Cities experiencing the demand, and better put…the unbridled passion for Taylor and her music, are seriously being overwhelmed. You would expect a stadium that has been home to Super Bowl Champions like the Kansas City Chiefs would be prepared. They weren’t. Never had so many carloads descended upon one stadium.

    Not since the arrival of the Beatles in America have I seen a phenomenon like The Eras Tour. Yet even the Beatles can’t compare…in scale. While John Lennon and Paul McCartney will go down in history as the best pop composers of all time, Taylor will hold the title for the most authentic.
    The most relatable and soul-piercing.

    Taylor Swift speaks to a generation of ageless fans, mostly under-served women, in a most personal way. Using some of most vast, impersonal, global technologies of all time: digital platforms and massive arenas.

    Yet her arrows shoot right through the heart.

    Her experiences are THEIR experiences, and nothing gets in the way.

    As a producer, a composer, and a singer, I held a light for Carole King. James Taylor. Streisand. Billy Joel. Elton John. Dozens of other greats. They set the standard for making memories for an entire generation.

    But The Eras Tour is simply different.

    Those paying the unprecedented thousands for a ticket to see Taylor in 2023?

    Leave the stadium feeling they didn’t just get their money’s worth? They feel they GOT A DEAL.

    Nearly a hundred thousand fans in Kansas City? Knew every single lyric and belted them out loud.

    They stood for over three hours watching Taylor bust through 50 distinct production numbers, impossible for any other performer of our time, or any time, to deliver.

    She doesn’t just perform? She gives.
    She makes connections.

    Taylor receives gratefully her adoration and sends it right back.

    In a time when music has been so mishandled as a business, and when music is too often consumed in only brief, one dollar bites, Taylor Swift fans consume hours of her dense lyrics and messages, contemporary musical ideas, and electric, wholesome stage moves, and vaults of merchandise……

    and leaves them wanting MORE.

    Sonja Eddings Brown
    Los Angeles

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