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May 24, 2011

“The Story Of Us” Music Video!

Taylor just premiered the music video for her new single “The Story Of Us” during the “MTV First: Taylor Swift” special on MTV.com! We posted it below in case you missed it. It was shot at the Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and it features The Agency. Taylor also did an interview with Sway which you can watch here. She talked about everything, from how Liz joined The Agency, choosing the wardrobe for the music video to how much she loves grocery shopping and cooking. Let us know what you think of the new music video. We personally think it’s incredible and better than “Mean”!

And check out screen captures from the music video as well:

21 Comments on ““The Story Of Us” Music Video!”

  1. It’s better than Back to December and Fifteen but far from my favorite. This isn’t nearly as good as Mean, Tim McGraw, or Mine.
    It is still a cute classy video which is good thing and The Story of Us is one of my favorite songs, I just think it needed some scenes out side of the library

  2. I love Taylor, I love her every time a little bit more. The video is amazing…i love it….. the story of us is my favourite song. The only thing I would like to see in the video is a final kiss, but they disappear!!!!! haha. I loved it.

  3. The fact that they disappear in the final is the core of the entire song! after all, both held their pride! (sorry for my bad English) Kisses from Argentina :)

  4. oh i’m from argentina too :D this video is coooooooooooool i loved it !! there were some scenes where i wasn’t really sure if i liked it or of it was a little weird but at the end i loved itt !! LOVE THIS GIRL EVERY DAY A LITTLE BIT MORE. <333

  5. This video is amazing! I really hope that Enchanted is going to be her next one though. I love that song and the video would be amazing. <3

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