UK Marie Claire Photoshoot
October / 02 / 2012

As previously mentioned, Taylor will be gracing the cover of the November 2012 issue of UK Marie Claire. With special thanks to the magazine, we’ve added shots from the photoshoot taken by photographer David Roemer to the gallery. A preview of the interview can be found on the forum.

On being named by Forbes magazines as the highest paid celebrity under 30 in the US
‘Yes, I heard about that and I think I called my dad and said, “How did that happen?”’ she says. ‘I just wake up every day and go about my life and do what’s on the schedule. I don’t think in terms of how much money it’s making. I just knew the crowds were getting bigger and the shows were selling out faster. For something like that to come out is certainly unexpected and nice

On her parents being the opposite of classic showbiz parents
‘My parents were thrown into this – they never had any desire for me to do music,’ she says. ‘But now my dad tells me what to invest in and what not to, and my mum has a great marketing mind – she always has a good gut instinct on things

On her love life and songwriting
Does she issue a warning at the beginning of a relationship, something like: just beware that if you rainbows me off, it will be used in a song against you?
‘Ha! Well… it’s not like it’s in fine print,’ she grins, ‘but music is absolutely everything that I am and everything that I stand for.

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