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May 24, 2011

“The Story Of Us” Music Video!

Taylor just premiered the music video for her new single “The Story Of Us” during the “MTV First: Taylor Swift” special on MTV.com! We posted it below in case you missed it. It was shot at the Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and it features The Agency. Taylor also did an interview with Sway which you can watch here. She talked about everything, from how Liz joined The Agency, choosing the wardrobe for the music video to how much she loves grocery shopping and cooking. Let us know what you think of the new music video. We personally think it’s incredible and better than “Mean”!

And check out screen captures from the music video as well:

21 Comments on ““The Story Of Us” Music Video!”

  1. Hey, where’s the interview? The ‘here’ isn’t hyperlinked and I can’t find it on youtube either. :(

  2. That was such a fun interview! ( I watched it on mtv.com in parts..) And I love her dress, so cute. Can`t wait to se the music video now.

  3. This is amazing! It’s so fun to watch and i think it really captures the meaning of the song. great job tay!

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  5. Hey, It’s true… the fact that they held their pride is the core of the song. But… I like happy endings so I’d love if they kiss in the end…. but Lili, you’re right.

  6. This looks so great! I love the whole theme of the video, it really works with the song. Taylor performs this so well! I love the whole school girl thing going on there. Rates highly to me, this song could do quite well :D Hopefully it will go down a storm like love story, eh? <3

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