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May 10, 2019

Taylor appearing on The Ellen Show on May 15th

It’s been 5 years since Taylor appeared on The Ellen Show, but the wait is over! She will be appearing on May 15th to talk about her new album!

2 Comments on “Taylor appearing on The Ellen Show on May 15th”

  1. Taylor I love you so much !
    I wish I lived in LA cuz I would give anything to be there to see you .For the Reputation tour ,I got tickets to Kelly &Ryan ,GMA and NBCStudio so I could be in NYC when your Album dropped .You didn’t show !! I didn’t know you weren’t going to promote TS6 -I cried and so did my daughter! Please let us know if you are going to be promoting in NYC 🥺😬!! We also missed you by 10 minutes at the Pop up shop that weekend (8 hours of waiting ) so worth it ! I guess we are never going to be able to hug you ! It’s been over 13years of us adoring you !!
    We love the song ME! And can’t wait to see the rest of the Easter Eggs fall !! I am so excited to see you & Ellen together again ! It’s the best thing ever !! You guys have a very special bond and I love that !! Can’t wait till tomorrow! Love you so,so,so,so much always! Emma and my crazy Mama @Kimgsell#Philly is Ready !

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