October / 06 / 2019

Taylor was the musical guest on last night’s Saturday Night Live! She performed Lover on the piano and sang False God for the first time live. Both performances were beautiful!…

October / 04 / 2019

Last night, Taylor was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon! She played Name That Song, talked about Lover, and watched a funny clip that her mom shared! See videos and photos here:

October / 03 / 2019

Phoebe Waller-Bridge will host Saturday Night Live this weekend with Taylor as the musical guest. Watch below to see their promo video!

September / 26 / 2019

Taylor will return to the Jimmy Fallon show this October! She will be the lead guest and performer on Oct 3 so don’t forget to tune in! Two days before…

September / 16 / 2019

Taylor was announced today as the mega mentor for this season of The Voice! She will help the contestants by offering feedback and advice before the knockout round. The episodes…

May / 24 / 2019

Learn how Taylor got in, not one, but two car accidents in one day in her Graham Norton interview! Check out the interview and pictures here:

May / 23 / 2019

Taylor performed the first solo version of ME! for Germany’s Next Top Model! You can watch the performance below. Do you like the solo better?

May / 22 / 2019

Taylor had a colorful & fun performance of ME with Brendan Urie on The Voice Finale tonight! She even had giant butterfly wings to top it off! Watch the performance…

May / 15 / 2019

For the first time in two years, Taylor did a sit-down interview! To start the new era, Taylor visited Ellen Degeneres to talk about ME!, answer Burning Questions and more!

May / 10 / 2019

It’s been 5 years since Taylor appeared on The Ellen Show, but the wait is over! She will be appearing on May 15th to talk about her new album! Wednesday,…