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Aug 4, 2014

Taylor Teases The First Clue About Her New Album

Earlier today Taylor teased her fans about her new album with a very short Instagram video, where she presses an elevator button multiple times! What do you think this could be about? Let us know in the comments below!

Red alert.

A new Taylor Swift album may be here sooner than we thought (or, conversely, not soon enough). Monday afternoon Swift uploaded the below video to Instagram along with the message, “So, here’s your first clue…” The video shows Swift pushing an elevator button reading ’18’ six times. (Anyone else humming the “elevator buttons and morning air” part of “Ours” right now?)

Taylor Swift’s Red Wraps as All-Time Country Tour

So many questions: Does this mean the lead single is coming Aug. 18? Will an upcoming music video be shot enitrely in an elevator? Will there be 18 tracks on the new album? Perhaps most likely, will a new album arrive Oct. 18?

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3 Comments on “Taylor Teases The First Clue About Her New Album”

  1. I Hope It’s The Release Date For Her Next Album Maybe Oct. 18th or Sept. 18th Can’t Wait Until Her Next Masterpiece

    I Love U Taylor!!!!!!!

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