Taylor Swift Fragrance Flight Package Contest

We are giving away one 13 Days of Taylor Fragrance Flight Package! Leave a comment below naming one product in the package to be entered to win! This giveaway is open worldwide, so good luck! We will post the winner’s name below the status once the contest is over. The deadline for this giveaway is December 13th, many thanks to Taylor Nation for this opportunity!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our 13 Days of Taylor Fragrance Flight Package giveaway winner Emilia! We hope you enjoy your Wonderstruck coin purse, charm bracelet, and all Wonderstruck Enchanted, Wonderstruck and Taylor by Taylor Swift rollerball perfumes! Thank you to all who participated, we will be doing more giveaways in the near future. Once again, many thanks to Taylor Nation for allowing us to do this!

330 Comments on “Taylor Swift Fragrance Flight Package Contest”

  1. Ooooooooooh all the perfum rollers, a charm bracelet, AND a exclusive bag??????? That’s an AMAZING deal. Good luck to everyone

  2. The Wonderstruck Coin Purse. This is an amazing opportunity! You guys are so sweet and this is so cool that you are willing to do this.

  3. Yehey!!!! i have no taylor swift perfume coz its so expensive here in the Philippines so , i want the Taylor Swift’s Perfume. :))) i wish i win this :”(((

  4. Great idea! The contest sounds amazing! I’d love to have Taylor by Taylor Swift Rollerball perfume ;) It’s so expensive in my country…

  5. Taylor by Taylor Swift .33oz Rollerball :D
    I’m so happy that you organized this contest. <3

    I'm a swiftie from Malaysia and I do not have any Taylor merch yet because it's too expensive for me and my mom wouldn't allow. :(

    I really love the Taylor fragrances.
    But they're not available in the state I'm living in.
    I just hope to smell it a lil ~~~~~

    And it's a lil bit disappointing that everything in the official online store is only available in the US hmmm

    I hope that I could have a chance to win. :)

    Good luck everyone! :D

  6. A Taylor by Taylor perfume in a roller ball form.
    Hey fellow swifties! I’m Hannah from Malaysia. Yes, that means no 13 Days of Taylor thingy. :((( But i’ve been searching for a giveaway and here it is!! Oh, this is just so lovely! Thank you for opening this contest! This package is so worth it! I really hope i have the chance to win. :)
    Stay fearless! ;) xx

  7. Thanks for this awesome contest guys! I’d really like to win the Taylor by Taylor Swift fragrance in roller ball form :)

  8. I would love winning the wonderstruck change purse, espeacially with the Wonderstruck Enchanted rollerball!
    Greetings from Paris :)

  9. an amazing competition♡♡
    happy for anyone lucky enough to win!!

  10. I would REALLY like to win the bracelet ! I’m a huge fan of Tay, and I would like to win that so I could have something that remind me of her all the time.. <3 Good look to everyone! I love Tay :')

  11. What A Fantastic Gift! All The Perfum Rollers, The Charm Bracelet AND An Exclusive Bag? I Love The Bag!


    Massive Fan Of Taylor

  12. A wonderstruck coin purse.

    I soooooo want to win this!!! Lots of love from Malaysia. We Malaysian swifties are more than you think. ;)

  13. Howdy, I got over to your web-site via Pinterest. Not a thing I usually read, but I really enjoy your thoughts nevertheless. Thank you very much for creating some thing worthy of reading!

  14. This is so amazing!! Thank you for doing things like this, it gives opportunities for people who can’t afford it :)
    One product of the package: Wonderstruck coin purse

    1. Taylor By Taylor swift rollerball
      Again my email messed up! So sorry my phone is playing me it keeps changing what I’m writing. This is the right one! Sorry

  15. Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume roller :)
    Don’t you see the starlight, starlight?
    Don’t you dream impossible things?
    Oh my, what a marvelous tune
    It was the best night, never would forget how we moved
    The whole place was dressed to the nines, and we were dancing, dancing
    Like we’re made of starlight, starlight, like we’re made of starlight, starlight ♪♪♪
    <13 Argentina LOVES YOU *-* <13 <13 <13 :)

  16. Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume roller!!!!! :) <13
    I'll be one of the many saying
    Look at you now, look at you now, now
    I'll be one of the many saying
    You made us proud, you made us proud, proud
    And when they call your name
    And they put your picture in a frame
    You know that I'll be there time and again
    'Cause I loved you when
    When you hit the ground, hit the ground, hit the ground, oh oh
    Only sound, only sound that you heard was "no"
    Now in this perfect weather
    It's like we don't remember
    The rain we thought would last forever and ever (forever) ♪♪♪ I love you! :)

  17. Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume rollerball!
    Oh my god, I’d love to win this since I can’t get it where I live. Thank you so much for this chance! It’s awesome that it’s worldwide <13

  18. The taylor swift charm bracelet please,
    I would really love to win this for my sister,she absolutely loves taylor swift! <3 xoxo

  19. Taylor by Taylor rollerball, Wonderstruck rollerball, Wonderstruck Enchanted rollerball, charm bracelet !!!!! I <3 all of them !!!

  20. Wonderstruck Perfume Rollerball, Wonderstruck Coin Purse, and Taylor Swift charm bracelet!!
    I really love all the items and hope to win!! >.<
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway ^_^

  21. My friend & I saw Taylor Swift in concert in Sydney on Wednesday night. Taylor was awesome! Thank you for this fantastic competition.

  22. Wonderstruck rollerball perfume! Oh gosh, none of Tay’s perfume are avaible in my country :< Thank You for the contest and good luck everyone! :)

  23. “Wonderstruck Coin Purse” Sweet. This giveaway project is literally amazing, especially the part of being WORLDWIDE. Seriously I’m thankful about that.

  24. If I could have Taylor, Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift I would be SO happy! Good Luck to everybody! (Taylor’s birthday is on Friday :D :D)

  25. I want Taylor charm bracelet! I can’t believe this contestes is worldwide! thank you for giving everybody in the world the oportunity to win a nice price! :D :D

  26. A Taylor Swift Charm Bracelet.

    I’m so glad it’s a worldwide contest! Please make more worldwide contests like this in the future! :)

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