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Dec 1, 2013

13 Days Of Taylor: Taylor Swift Fragrance Flight

It’s finally December, and as a way of counting down to Taylor’s birthday, her official store is releasing a new item daily. With many thanks to Taylor Nation, we were able to receive today’s item, the Taylor Swift Fragrance Flight pack to try out! This little pack is perfect for an easy Christmas gift, since it’s all three of Taylor’s fragrances in roller ball form and it comes with the Wonderstruck change purse and a charm bracelet. It’s nothing new individually, but the bundle is nice and considering one bottle of perfume is about the same price as this bundle, it’s a great buy. Taylor Nation is also giving you a chance to get a free Red drawstring bag if you use the promo code TAYSWIFTDOTCOM at checkout with a minimum purchase of $10! Unfortunately, this code is for US fans only. International fans, stay tuned because we will be hosting another giveaway soon that will include these Fragrance Flight packs!

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