Owl City Covers Enchanted!

This is the sweetest thing ever! Adam Young from Owl City made a Valentine’s Day page for Taylor where he covered her song “Enchanted” (which is about him) and left a lovely message to her. Click on the banner below to visit the page! We love his version! It’s so cute! What do you guys think? :)

35 Comments on “Owl City Covers Enchanted!”

  1. He obviously knows it’s about him not only because of the secret code “Adam” implemented into the song, but Taylor has said in interviews that she incorporated the word “wonderstruck” into the song so the guy would know that it was about him because it was a word he used in one of their exchanging emails.

  2. Very romantic, indeed. Made me smile. He’s the sweetest boy… And the cover is extremely good *listening to it right now for like the millionth time*

  3. so cute! i could not stop smiling and giggling like a lunatic throughout that cover…*ahem* “wonderstruck” by their cute-ness

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