Owl City Covers Enchanted!

This is the sweetest thing ever! Adam Young from Owl City made a Valentine’s Day page for Taylor where he covered her song “Enchanted” (which is about him) and left a lovely message to her. Click on the banner below to visit the page! We love his version! It’s so cute! What do you guys think? :)

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  1. I absolutely die. It’s seriously the cutest flipping thing EVER. I couldn’t stop giggling and smiling GKJADHSGKAHJS it’s just SO DARN CUTE.

  2. He obviously knows it’s about him not only because of the secret code “Adam” implemented into the song, but Taylor has said in interviews that she incorporated the word “wonderstruck” into the song so the guy would know that it was about him because it was a word he used in one of their exchanging emails.

  3. Very romantic, indeed. Made me smile. He’s the sweetest boy… And the cover is extremely good *listening to it right now for like the millionth time*

  4. so cute! i could not stop smiling and giggling like a lunatic throughout that cover…*ahem* “wonderstruck” by their cute-ness

  5. Normally I’m not a fan of Owl City but I liked this cover. As for them getting together, isn’t he gay? Not trying to bash him or anything but I’ve heard from multiple people he’s gay.

  6. @Matt A lot of people think that, but one of the main reasons he appears that way is because he has aspergers which is a mental condition that causes you to have extreme shyness or something. With that he physically keeps to himself, which appears ladylike, which in turn makes him appear gay. But he’s not, he’s stated before that he’s a Christian (which if that is true then he wouldn’t be fore homosexuality) and that he’s had previous girlfriends and such.
    Anyways, I LOVE this! Can’t stop listening to it. I sure hope Taylor sees it. (:

  7. This makes me feel even more lonely then I already am ._.
    Taylor’s lucky, and this boy is a real sweetie.
    Especially the last couple of lines how he says hes never loved someone else, and doesnt have anyone waiting on him (which answers her thoughts)
    and said he dreams about her.
    Aww <3

  8. Oh ! That so sweet !
    I like very much his version, but I prefer Taylor’s version !
    I’m sure Tay is going to love it, it’s so cute !
    If I understand, Tay wrote this song about him ?! He’s very lucky !
    I love the : ” Taylor, I was so in love of you ! ” and the : ” Oh Taylor, I was so enchanted to meet you too ! ” And he’s right, Tay is a true princess … ♥

    Taylor … we love you, … forever & always !!! <3

  9. my gosh this is just the sweetest thing everrrrrrrr! i can’t believe how sweet this boy is, clarely he really really likes her omg THEY MUST DATE AND THEN GET MARRIED lol i loved the song it sounds amazing and i just love the fact that probably they could be together :D i hope sooo ♥ i love love love Tay and SHE DESERVES A BOY LIKE HIM ♥

  10. this song just about melted my heart. taylor, having been through so much in her love life, deserves a person like adam young in her life. his version of “enchanted” was amazing; i can’t stop listening to it. i hope taylor sees this soon.

    taylor and adam forever! <3

  11. @Kristin, thank you for explaining that. I like him more now actually. Asperger’s is a type of autism. I know this because my older brother (who is also a musician) has something kind of similar to that but he’s not shy at all.
    I think him and Taylor would make a good couple considering they’re both musicians who like to express their feelings through song, of course not as good as a couple me and her would make though :P. I’d like her to be with him more then the guys she’s dated in the past.

  12. aww.. that’s so sweet! adam is so nice and cute!
    but you know.. i don’t see him lasting with taylor..
    taylor ..i don’t know how to describe it.. but she has this spicy/sassy personality.. :) she needs a boy who can keep up with that. and even if she and adam hook up, i don’t think it’ll last, cuz it will be mostly cut short by taylor!

  13. ohhh can’t stop wondering how will taylor respond!! if they can end up together this is just the sweetest thing i can ever imagine!!!! i luv them together!!! and this version’s absolutely incredible!! especially love the ending which melt my heart xP

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