Taylor is the Top Selling Artist of 2010
January / 07 / 2011

Taylor has been named the Top Selling Artist of 2010 by Billboard & Neilsen SoundScan! This is her second time earning this title after becoming the Top Selling Artist of 2008. Also Fearless was the top selling Album of 2009. This is GREAT news and I’m extremely happy for Taylor cuz speak now is an amazing album and she totally deserves it for all the hard work she put into it! I can only hope that 2011 is even better because Taylor’s career is getting more and more successful with every year.

For the second time in three years, Taylor Swift has been named Billboard & Neilsen SoundScan’s top-selling artist of the year, with over 4.4 million albums sold in 2010, according to sales figures released this week. Taylor was also SoundScan’s top-selling artist in 2008, and her Fearless album was 2009’s biggest-selling CD.

For the second consecutive year, Taylor is Billboard’s most-played artist, topping their annual all-genre Artist Airplay chart with more than 1.128 million airplay detections in 2010.

In addition, with over 34 million tracks sold to date, Taylor remains the top selling digital artist in music history, again holding the #1 position atop Billboard’s chart of Top Selling Digital Artists.

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