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Nov 10, 2010

And Taylor’s New Single Is..

Its Officially “Back To December”! I must say that I’m completely excited and so happy that it ended up being the second single cuz its one of my favorite songs on the album and I’ve already started picturing how the music video will be like and how she’s going to promote it and all these small details. I’m sure its going to have a great commercial success as well cuz anybody that listens to this song, falls in the love with it instantly. “Back to December” is supposed to start playing on radio on Monday November 15th.

55 Comments on “And Taylor’s New Single Is..”

  1. I think her performance at the VMA’s of ‘Innocent’ was good enough to cover that song on the whole music video thing. I can’t imagine what the music video for BTD will be like! All I know is that it’ll be awesome! And I agree with ‘your mother’ on the songs that should become singles. Especially ‘The Story of Us’ and ‘Haunted’.

  2. In the official Taylor Swift store, they’re selling headbands. I never knew headbands could be that expensive! Very pretty though. . .

  3. taylor lost a close friend she attended his funeral on monday he was only 21. im so sorry for taylor and family…prayers go out to his loved ones. she used to play her songs first for him, i wonder who he was…

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