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Jan 12, 2011

“Back To December” Music Video Premieres Tomorrow!

Exciting news! Mercury France has confirmed on their Twitter that the music video for Taylor’s single “Back To December” will premiere TOMORROW (January 13th):

@MercuryFrance: Le nouveau clip de Taylor Swift « Back to december » sera disponible dès demain !!!

Translation in English: “Taylor Swift’s new music video “Back To December” will premiere tomorrow!!!”. So Exciting! We’re really looking forward to see what it’s like! It’s directed by Yoann Lemoine , who directed Katy Perry’s video for “Teenage Dream”, which was awesome, so there’s no doubt in our minds that this one will be just as amazing! Hopefully 13 will prove to be good luck once more! Thanks a bunch to François for the heads up!

15 Comments on ““Back To December” Music Video Premieres Tomorrow!”

  1. whoa…i just can’t wait for it…i can’t even sleep i can’t even breathe…i love this song so much…wow…it’s really knock knock on my nerves…i am so excited…=)

  2. I call BS. Why would this video just pop up out of nowhere with no legitimate warning? If it does, though, cool. Great little magic trick hiding it all. I hope it’s not a “Fifteen” type video. That was lame.

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