January / 15 / 2014

Teen Vogue recently talked to Taylor about her latest Keds line, her presence on Twitter and other social media, and her fan base. Read more below to find out how…

January / 09 / 2014

Zap2It recently caught up with Taylor about her European tour dates, how her fans have impacted Red’s success, and being Dosomething.org’s most charitable celebrity of 2013. It’s a short but…

January / 07 / 2014

Variety Magazine has released a new interview featuring Taylor! She discusses Sweeter Than Fiction and One Chance and the reason she was so drawn to the storyline. She also mentions…

January / 04 / 2014

After returning from the Oceania leg of the Red tour, Taylor talked with the LA Times about her songwriting process for “Sweeter Than Fiction.” You can read the full interview…

December / 27 / 2013

Taylor talked to Deadline’s Award Watch podcast about writing film soundtracks and other aspects of her career. You can listen to it below!

December / 23 / 2013

Taylor was recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about how she found out about her Golden Globe nomination, “Sweeter Than Fiction,” and her favorite Christmas songs! It’s a refreshing interview since…

December / 21 / 2013

Taylor talked with Billboard Magazine while in Los Angeles recently. She revealed that she is collaborating for the next album along with how she wrote “Sweeter Than Fiction.” Click on…

December / 19 / 2013

Taylor talked to CMT’s Cody Allen while she was in Australia about the crowd differences between countries, her 24th birthday, and more! You can take a listen below!

December / 03 / 2013

Taylor sat down with CBS at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to talk about performing on the show and how she got involved! You can watch the interview below, and…

November / 17 / 2013

Taylor is on the cover of the November 25th issue of New York Magazine. The issue features a new in-depth and exclusive interview, covering everything from how she decorates to…