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Feb 15, 2014

Telegraph Interview

The Telegraph’s Hannah Betts got to meet Taylor backstage at her last London show at the O2 Arena. She talked to Taylor about compliments, and gives an insider look at what Taylor’s like behind-the-scenes. Read the full article below!

Readers may remember me recently opining on the coruscating genius that is singer / songwriter / all-round goddess Taylor Swift, after witnessing her sell-out RED Tour at the O2 Arena. Next day, Ms Swift ascended still higher in the adoration stakes by becoming The Only Celebrity Ever To Express Gratitude. Team Taylor modestly added that I might not want to attend the show again, but, if I did, she’d love to say thank you.

This presented the immediate political problem of whom to take with me, the Swift fan base being vast. I was immediately assailed by legions of nippers, twentysomethings, thirtysomethings, men and women of my own vintage, and assorted pensioners all claiming that their lives would be incomplete without the requisite Taylorian blessing.

Despite copious emotional blackmail and offers of first-born sons, I felt obliged to invite my niece Isabella. The week previously I had offered Issy, eight, a theoretical situation in which my drowning overboard the Taylor Swift clipper carrying us to the O2 might lead to a meeting with her idol. She claimed she would rather keep me alive, but there was a discernible shiftiness about the eyes.

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