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Feb 1, 2014

Daily Mail Interview

Taylor talked to the Daily Mail before her first show at the O2 in London about meeting Prince William at the Winter Whites Gala. It’s a really cool story and she tells how she ended up on stage with him and Bon Jovi. Make sure to click on read more to see the full story!

Taylor Swift is trying to think how to sum up the vocal talents of one of the most high profile men she’s ever shared a microphone with – the Karaoke Kid aka HRH Prince William.

She lets out a couple of slightly supressed, rather ladylike squeals as she works out loud exactly what to say.

‘I mean, he is a member of the royal family, this was a private event and I wouldn’t ever want to say anything remotely disrespectful because I absolutely adore William and Kate,’ she says.

I tell her not to worry, that beheading is a thing of the past in the British royal family and she laughs out loud.

The clip of them – alongside Jon Bon Jovi – singing Livin’ On A Prayer went viral on You Tube a few months ago. She herself has kept a DVD copy.

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  1. omg she is excited because she sang with prince William and im excited because tomorrow im gonna sing with her in the concert \!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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