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Dec 6, 2019

Taylor Releases New Song “Christmas Tree Farm”

Taylor’s first Christmas song since 2007 is officially out! It’s no secret that Taylor and her family lived on a Christmas tree farm. Now Taylor shares how those memories made her feel in her lyrics and home videos of her childhood in the music video. You can watch the new video below. Let us know what you think of the song in the comments!

Taylor Swift, as you may have heard, grew up on Pine Ridge Farm in Reading, Pennsylvania. In the video for her new holiday song, “Christmas Tree Farm,” which premiered at midnight on Thursday, the pop star takes us back to her semi-rural childhood through home movies shot by her mother and father on the Reading Christmas tree farm property.

Swift wrote the song on Sunday and immediately hit the studio to turn it around five days later, according to a statement. The song has a classic cheerful holiday vibe, where she reminisces about the warmth that can be found among family during Christmas. “You would be there, too/Under the mistletoe/Watching the fire glow,” she sings. “And tell me, I love you/Just being in your arms/Takes me back to that little farm/Where every wish comes true.” In the clip, her mother and father, Andrea and Scott, and brother Austin appear alongside Taylor. The adorable footage shows them frolicking in the snow, sledding, hanging by the Christmas tree and Taylor is wowed when she opens a gift of an acoustic guitar.


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