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Jul 5, 2014

Woman Centre Interview

Taylor recently talked with WomanCentre.net about her excitement for album five, her set list, and fame. It’s a great read, so take a moment to read it below.

Call her golden girl or goody-two shoes, but it is not easy being Taylor Swift.

She has maintained her position as one of the world’s biggest pop starlets in the past few years while being relatively untainted by controversy, even as every detail of her personal life is lapped up by fans and put under the glare of social and traditional media.

If rival Miley Cyrus is the exhibitionist riding on her out-there brand of sexuality, Swift is the tease whose self-penned songs appear to be confessional without revealing much.

Despite much speculation that recent songs such as her 2010 hit single Back To December and Dear John are about famous ex-boyfriends such as Twilight star Taylor Lautner and singer John Mayer, Swift herself has always been tight-lipped about her muses.

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