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Jul 4, 2014

Taylor Talks About Her Role In The Giver

Taylor recently did an interview about her role as Rosemary in The Giver. Click here to read the full interview on our Tumblr!

Q: What attracted you to The Giver?

A: I read scripts all the time, and I have only been in very tiny parts in one or two movies because I was always waiting for the right thing to come along to fully commit. When I read The Giver-first of all, I remembered reading the book, and I remember it deeply affecting me in school. But picturing the characters played by Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep, and these incredible actors who had already signed on to the project, it was absolutely an honor to be approached to play Rosemary.

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4 Comments on “Taylor Talks About Her Role In The Giver”

  1. Although Taylor is a very good singer, she is not an actress. Sorry. I just can’t see her in this area of entertainment, especially after that trainwreck of a film “Valentine’s Day”

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