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Jun 11, 2014

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Taylor brought the Red tour to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia tonight, surprising the audience with a performance of “Enchanted” on the b-stage. You can see videos of the show on the forum, and professional photos can be found in the gallery!

12 Comments on “Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia”

  1. Checking out some of your pictures just brought a tear to my eye.. Yes I am a Man, but a weak one when it comes to certain things.

  2. School of Swift, I like that..

    Figured I would let ya know I care more than a grown man should seeing you didn’t let me walk with you by the water front. Cough Cough :) Our age is different but love ya just the same for I am not the one holding and I feel to be blamed.

    I am tiered by the way.. My days are long too.
    So I will leave you with a simple note

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