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Jun 27, 2012

“Both of Us” Music Video

It’s finally here! Taylor has released the music video for “Both of Us,” a collaboration with rapper B.o.B for his new album Strange Clouds. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it in the comments. Screen captures are available in the gallery!

EDIT: For those of you who can’t see the video, it’s now available for download on our forum, thanks to Ace.

7 Comments on ““Both of Us” Music Video”

  1. BTW, we were on a waterbed covered with a mixture of flower petals and bird feathers in a room covered with a dark, moody neon wallpaper and silk bed curtains with a platter of your favourite snacks and fruity light drinks as I watch my girlfriend walk away!!!

  2. It’s O.K. you can do the Harry duet. I mean it isn’t like your doing one with me!!!! On a side note, it just occured to me you remind me of an old Billy Squier song: “Everybody Wants You”

  3. wow really. I can’t believe that Taylor did that video. She used to be a good role model for young girls, but now she’s in a video with people smoking and partying and wearing nothing more than a bra with a see through shirt over it. How disgusting. I am very disappointed with Taylor choices of late. I miss the old Taylor who had standards and was actually a country artist!

  4. umm I understand that you are disappointed but I disagree with you because this is B.O.B’s music video. It’s not taylor’s falult. Taylor did the song together when bob came to her tour and she just absotluly loved it! I reckon they did a good job. There is no old taylor she is the same ole good taylor. I mean shes turning 23 this year. She is independant and good. She can do what she wants t do. Btw teenage girls even wear see through shirts with bra under it. That’s a fashion? I just dont like how you said you miss the old Taylor. Taylor is the same, good, model for everone

  5. Honestly, I think this video is amazing for Taylor. It’s her way of branching out and furthering her talent as an artist. It’s showing that she can be more than just a doll-like country singer. It’s good for her image. As far as the 3 seconds with her and see through shirt. It wasn’t even a frontal. So if that’s how you’re going to react then you should take a better look at society. If Taylor was smoking in the video then I could understand, but she’s not doing anything wrong. If you would take a second to listen to the lyrics what they’re saying is beautiful and touching solely in that. I’m just saying she’s an artist and she’s doing what she wants to do while maintaining her image as well as branching out. Keep doing what you’re doing T.

  6. taylor looks beautiful as she looks always in this video
    i lov see all those pranks which they make at the time of shooting .

    i lvo u taylor swift
    frm insia khadir khan

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