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May 16, 2012

Leaving Dominick’s Restaurant

Taylor and her friend Dianna Agron were spotted leaving Dominick’s Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA yesterday. Check out the candids in the gallery.

2 Comments on “Leaving Dominick’s Restaurant”

  1. My dearest Taylor, I looked your pictures on the Leaving Dominick’s Restaurant in

    Los Angeles, California. Your lithe, an ivory skin, and sexy-body inside grayish

    yellow and pale greenish sky pattern of the soft mini skirt with your blonde long

    hair, wear pumpkin of sandals, and a black satchel. Give people feel gentle and

    refined, pleasantly, frugal… You need a special man– me with you together waking

    life always! You know my heart deeply, deeply love you! You are my lifelong treasure,

    my lifelong mate, my very nice wife, and our kids(in soon future) very nice mother.

    I’m eager with you together as soon as possible to go on real life! to do anything!

    I need you support me to confirm the knowledge is power! I miss you on everyday! strong

    desire for you! sweetheart! Look forward to meet you on everyday… To firm our faith,

    we’ll gained huge success!

    Ulysses from Guangzhou City, China

  2. hi.
    taylor u looks really really soo beautiful in above pics u was like a beautiful angle with beautiful eyes i like u r eyes so much such eyes i hve never seen in my whole life, everyday i just lok after to see new lok’s of u’rs u really awesome kind of singer i lov u’r song i mean every single song that u sung all are awesome out of this world, no one in this hav talent to sing as u used to sing. Your face and ur voice make addicted of ur’s, my phone and my pc is full of ur songs itself to say in short i lov u my lov ‘SWIFTy’. thank you….

    i lov u taylor swift
    frm india khadir khan

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