“Mean” Performance on The Ellen Show

Taylor performed “Mean” on The Ellen Degeneres Show when she was on there a couple of weeks ago, and a video is now available that you can watch below. For screen captures, make sure to head on over to the gallery. She did a great job!

8 Comments on ““Mean” Performance on The Ellen Show”

  1. hey, i just wanted to let you guys know, taylor performed “Mean” today (May 30th) she stopped by the show just to perform “Mean”, the last time she was on Ellen, a couple of weeks ago, she performed “Story of Us”…..so, this performance isn’t from a couple weeks ago.

  2. They couldve taped Mean to be aired May 30th.. artists usually only visit a talk show once. (from the performance it sounded like there was no audience there)

  3. She sounded really good :) “Someday, I’ll be living in a big ole city and all your ever gonna be is mean” :) Gotta love those lyrics<3

  4. its funny the day of the show they claimed the show would have exclusive songs-plural on the site. dunno if were getting 1 more??

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