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May 30, 2011

Des Moines, Iowa Concert Photos

We uploaded photos from Taylor’s concert at Des Moines, Iowa yesterday as a part of the Speak Now US  Tour. Check out the photos by clicking on the thumbs below.

2 Comments on “Des Moines, Iowa Concert Photos”

  1. I went to the Des Moines Iowa concert for my 16th birthday which was the day before the concert and it would have been so awesome for Taylor to have picked me for the backstage pit pass. But even though that didn’t happen it was the best concert of hers I have seen which was the first one with Keith Urban and then her Speak Now Tour. She is the only person I have gone to see in concert which is perfectly fine with me

  2. My Sweet Sixteen Golden birthday was 13 days before this concert..The only other concert of hers I went to was the first headlining tour when Love and Theft opened in Cedar Rapids Iowa August 8, 2008. My mom got tickets for the two of us for my birthday..She had to go to a non-taylor site because her site didn’t say where to go, so we paid for overpriced tickets and got semi high seats… However, this will be a night I’ll never forget.. I wished I had gotten to meet her, but since I wasn’t in the pit, I had no chance of getting to… We drove from Eastern Iowa to and from before and afterwards… The drive and price were well worth it..I just wish she’d come to Iowa more often!

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