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May 21, 2011

“Speak Now… Help Now!” Videos & Pictures

We hope everyone had the chance to watch the Speak Now… Help Now! live stream tonight! You can watch the videos below in case you missed it. They showed two performances of Taylor, which were “Mine” and “The Story Of Us”. She did a great job performing and couldn’t look any more beautiful. She truly outshined the “Fearless” tour – the whole stage setup and the costumes looked amazing! The US leg has four more songs, which are “Mean,” “Our Song,” “Last Kiss,” and “Haunted”. Click here to view the entire new setlist. The benefit raised over $750,000 (three quarters of a million dollars!!!) which is a huge amount of money and it’s amazing to see the impact Taylor has when it comes to fundraisers! For the fans who didn’t attend the rehearsal, don’t forget that you can also donate money on TaylorSwift.com!

Speak Now… Help Now! – Part 1
Speak Now… Help Now! – Part 2

2 Comments on ““Speak Now… Help Now!” Videos & Pictures”

  1. Is she playing ” Our Song” on the Us leg tour? I was ( and sure a lot of other people ) where hoping she played it in the European tour. That really bummed me out:/

  2. I’ve been hearing a lot of this lately and I still don’t get this. Can someone please explain? I don’t want to be an outcast! :))

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