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May 20, 2011

“The Story Of Us” Music Video Sneak Peek!

Thanks to MTV.com, we have a sneak peek of Taylor’s upcoming music video for “The Story Of Us”! It’s only 43 seconds long but it already looks amazing and promising! The music video was directed by Noble Jones and will premiere next Tuesday (read our previous update for more information)!

In the new video, Swift is in college, reminiscing about her relationship with a fellow coed. The tease kicks off with a flurry of shots: the exterior of a school library, a shelf of books (one is called “The Story of Us“), Swift looking forlorn, her band playing the tune in the institution of higher learning’s halls. Then Swift tells us what went down in “Chapter One.” She and her newest video beau are laughing, flirting and kissing among the library stacks. What happens next? Well, fans will have to wait until Tuesday to find out.

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12 Comments on ““The Story Of Us” Music Video Sneak Peek!”

  1. I am so glad! I thought the tour videos were all we were getting over here at the other side of the pond :D I can’t see it though, can you post another version that can be seen in the uk/worldwide if it comes up guys? Thanks! ily <3 <3

  2. AHHHH SOO SO EXCITED :D :))) LOVE her beyond words <33 and i love this site.. you guys are great ! thanks for everything!

  3. Eh Admin, how did you manage get the sneak peek video? Wasnt it suppose to release on Tuesday morning on the 24th 9.30AM ET/PT?

  4. i live in the nyc area and MTV studios is in nyc (obviously). Since the interview IS live, does anyone know if theres any way fans can watch the interview go down or say hi to taylor???

  5. Looks interesting… and I love that song
    But what about Mean?
    Taylor is a Country artist, so shouldn’t she wait until her current sinlge goes #1 before releasing a new not so country song?
    Or is this just a pop single?

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