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Dec 8, 2010

Access Hollywood Interview

Taylor sat down and did an interview with Access Hollywood yesterday. She talked about her 21st birthday (which is next week btw!), the success of her new album, being the new face of CoverGirl, and much more. You can watch the entire video here below:

3 Comments on “Access Hollywood Interview”

  1. Is it just me, or did the 2nd half of the interview mirror the first almost exactly? Because she began and ended by talking about her Christmas themed B-day party. . .

  2. Not just you, i was wondering myself! But what a beautiful interview, she’s so gorgeous and gracious and humble, and i LOVE that about her. makes me feel special just being a fan! haha she has that effect on people. So glad i bought her album if it helped towards going platinum :) p.s. taylor if you REALLY want to thank your fans come to Perth!! :)

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