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Nov 26, 2010

NBC Thanksgiving Special Videos!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and had the chance to watch the NBC “Taylor Swift: Speak Now” special last night! It was a great show and I really enjoyed watching. My personal favorite scene is “Enchanted” followed by clips of fans sharing their reasons why they adore Taylor. The relationship between Taylor and the fans is strong! It was also great to see footage of her in the studios and from her Speak Now promotion tour which took place in Los Angeles and NYC. You can watch some parts here below in case you missed it. The entire special can be found in our forum!

Taylor Swift: Speak Now – The Story Of Us
Taylor Swift: Speak Now – Long Live
Taylor Swift: Speak Now – Haunted

61 Comments on “NBC Thanksgiving Special Videos!”

  1. It won’t let me register to join the forum because it says that I’m not typing in the right letters for the visual verification.

  2. “get it together swift”…haha..favorite part was the haunted house “classic”..and also i love the recording of “haunted” that was awesome she looked so evil …. i love taylor she says we get her but the feeling is mutual…she gets us!!

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you so much for this michael your the best!!

  3. i absolutely adore taylor swift, and the way the fans described her was beautifull, someone actually said swift was her therapists “wow” …taylor must have been in tears when she heard that because that is what she is about connecting with her fans…this documentary was very well put together and it was a great way for taylor to invite us into her life, i dont have the words to describe what taylor means to me, but all i can tell her is THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU, she is truely God sent and i believe she is one of God’s angels, sent to be on earth to bless so many people.

    i love that taylor is so unique, genuine and so down to earth, yet shes so BIG and she doesnt even comprehend how big she is….

    taylor is the best artist, she may not have the biggest vocals but she has the BIGGEST heart and in my opinion her vocals are so soothing soft and melodic i wouldnt change one thing from taylor, i love her just the way she is…PLEASE DONT EVER CHANGE MISS SWIFT!…

  4. Taylor is going to be on E! Entertainment Special Thursday Dec 2
    And she also got runer up on E! Fashion Police for her VMA dress!!!

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