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Nov 24, 2010

Taylor on Chelsea Lately

I hope you all got to watch Taylor’s interview on Chelsea Lately! It was a great interview and Taylor was adorable and amazing as always. If you missed the interview you can watch it below.

95 Comments on “Taylor on Chelsea Lately”

  1. I love the dress! It’s cool how the inside is red. Why did Taylor laugh when Chelsea said something about her warming up to Fifty Cent too? I was really confused because Chelsea also said she wasn’t familiar with Fifty Cent’s music, so what was all that about?

  2. Umm Arya Chelsea dated 50 cent and those comments have an adult undertone, like warming up as in sex, and not familiar with his music but with his other things. That is why Tay blushes and laughs.

  3. @Ace

    There are lots of concerts that are over 21 only due to alcohol being served or the venue or even just the fanbase as there can be a different vibe with only the older fans (no offence to the younger music fans).

    As to specifically what concerts Swifty would go to I have no clue but she has an awesomely eclectic taste in music.

  4. It was cool I was expecting to be funnier I guess she used most of her funninnes at leno show hehe but I liked that she was on yay :)

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