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  E! Online Interview

Taylor also did an interview with E! Online yesterday in NYC. You can watch it by clicking on the picture here below. She looked cute as always and sounded very excited! So be sure to watch it!

As the newest face of CoverGirl, Taylor Swift is spilling all her makeup secrets—and disasters. The country singer, who admits to being a makeup junkie, used to think it was “OK to put black eye shadow all the way from your lash to your eyebrow” à la Taylor Momsen. Thank god that was a short phase in junior high, though. That’s not all the T.Swift reveals. Click in and find out what lip shade Taylor wears on tour and why, plus what she’s up to this Christmas and much more!


2 responses to “E! Online Interview”

  1. carrie says:

    i am so happy for taylor…she seems like a good girl and very grounded and classy. she also seems like the kind of girl who is down 2 earth she seems like an awesome friend and person to hang around with..i love her personality, she never speaks bad about anybody, not even when they deserve it..(hint hint kanye)…i think shes a charming young lady and i can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

    taylor is a wonderful storyteller, she has a wonderful talent that connects her feelings with the millions of fans out there, we really do understand and get her. some may say shes not the martina mcbride when it comes to vocals, but taylor doesnt need to be, because her soft spoken vocals are perfect and fit who she is, her vocals are soft sweet and soothing sometimes the best singers aren’t the ones who can hit the highest notes, but sometimes it’s the singers who have emotion and feeling in their tone to reach the hearts of many, to me taylor is the biggest singer in the world because she gets me the way i get her…

    i love that she calls us her best friends, i love that she takes the time in her concerts to hug us kiss us and greet us, she makes the effort to make us feel at home, and she loves us the way we love her, their really is a connection between her and the fans and im so happy taylor has made a home in music…because taylor will always “long live” with her followers…

    i cant wait for the world tour..taylor is a strong woman with the brightest future!

  2. Brandon says:

    Taylor Swift is beautiful, talented, and a role model and she knows it…. i just read some comments about the feb vogue issue and her interview there. There really are some haters out there but one thing remains true that taylor is graceful and mature about those situations. I admire her for that because honestly, i wouldn’t be. I’m only 24 years old.. not much older than taylor and she’s more grown up than i am. If she lived in my town id have my sights set her she’s really the kind of girl you would be proud to bring home to meet the parents

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