Happy 34th Birthday, Taylor!

Happy 34th birthday, TaylorSwift! While today is all about you, we appreciate the Swiftie community you created each and every day! Much love from TSW!

7 Comments on “Happy 34th Birthday, Taylor!”

  1. Happy Birthday Taylor Swift!
    “Recipe For Happiness”
    Take 2 heaping cups of patience
    1 heartful of love & hands full of generosity. Dash of laughter 1 headful of understanding

    Sprinkle with generously with kindness, plenty of love and mix well.
    Spread over a period of a lifetime
    And serve everybody you meet.

  2. Happy birthday Taylor! I’m a huge fan and I can’t stop listening to your amazing music! You’re the best! 👑💎 keep shining and pls keep making your awesome music

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