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Posted on
Dec 13, 2023

Happy 34th Birthday, Taylor!

Happy 34th birthday, TaylorSwift! While today is all about you, we appreciate the Swiftie community you created each and every day! Much love from TSW!

7 Comments on “Happy 34th Birthday, Taylor!”

  1. Happy Birthday Taylor Swift!
    “Recipe For Happiness”
    Take 2 heaping cups of patience
    1 heartful of love & hands full of generosity. Dash of laughter 1 headful of understanding

    Sprinkle with generously with kindness, plenty of love and mix well.
    Spread over a period of a lifetime
    And serve everybody you meet.

  2. Happy birthday Taylor! I’m a huge fan and I can’t stop listening to your amazing music! You’re the best! 👑💎 keep shining and pls keep making your awesome music

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