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Dec 12, 2022

Taylor To Release Additional Eras Tour Tickets For Verified Fans

Lucky Swifties are getting a second chance at securing tickets to the upcoming Eras Tour. Ticketmaster is emailing some fans who has signed up for verified fan presale and were locked out when sales started. If you get this email, it’ll be in your inbox before Decemcer 23.

Taylor Swift gave some Swifties an early Christmas present on Monday morning (Dec. 12) when some fans who signed up for the Verified Fan presale for her Eras Tour last month who were unable to land tickets were notified that they were getting a second chance. An unknown number of fans who signed up for the Ticketmaster Verified Fan pre-sale who were locked out when shows went on sale last month due to a crush of demand were notified that they will have an opportunity to participate in an upcoming sale.

“Congratulations, you have been selected to participate in a limited-time opportunity to request to purchase 2 tickets to Taylor Swift The Eras Tour,’ read the note. “You were selected for this opportunity because you have been identified as a fan who received a boost during the Verified Fan presale but did not purchase tickets,” the note continued. “We apologized for the difficulties you may have experienced, and have been asked by Taylor’s team to create this additional opportunity for you to purchase tickets.”

The note says that the ticket purchasing window will begin sometime before Dec. 23, with invitations issued on a staggered basis by tour date in each city. Fans will get additional information and instructions on how to submit their request at an as-yet-unannounced future date; click here for additional details on tickets.

Last month, Ticketmaster issued a formal apology to Swifties after the chaotic sales process for her 2023 Eras Tour left many on the outside looking in. “We want to apologize to Taylor and all of her fans — especially those who had a terrible experience trying to purchase tickets,” Ticketmaster tweeted on Nov. 18. “We feel we owe it to everyone to share some information to help explain what happened.”

The debacle stemmed from the crush of fans trying to enter Swift’s presale for her 52-date Eras Tour, which initially caused the system to crash shortly after launch as 14 million fans and billions of bots flooded the site, causing service disruptions. Ticketmaster noted that more than 3.5 million fans pre-registered for Swift’s Verified Fan program, with 90% of the ticket inventory vanishing in the first two days of the pre-sale. The botched sale has since sparked interest from a number of lawmakers in Washington and across the country interested in probing whether Ticketmaster and parent company Live Nation have abused their huge market share in the live music industry.

A spokesperson for Ticketmaster had not returned Billboard‘s request for additional information on the Verified Fan ticket release at press time; a spokesperson for Swift had not official comment.


1 Comment on “Taylor To Release Additional Eras Tour Tickets For Verified Fans”

  1. I was hoping to purchase tickets for my daughter and her best friend as their senior year present.
    We were going to make the trip to Nashville or Georgia for the concert and I had 4 great tickets in my cart. Had my payment method stored in the account for speedy checkout but I got DENIED!!!
    I added 4 more tickets to my cart after waiting in the que AGAIN!!! and got DENIED AGAIN!!! and sent back to the que. I waited patiently and added 4 tickets to my cart, DENIED AGAIN!!!
    Stayed hopeful that I could secure tickets through the Capital1 pre-sale. I saved the payment method in my profile and signed in to the que. I waited for what seemed like an eternity and finally got in 2 minutes after the notification that all presale tickets were GONE!!!!!!!!!!
    I had 4 GREAT seats for what would have been the night of these girls lives and the total was only $876 dollars. Now I cannot find a single ticket in the same section for less than $1300 and I cannot afford that. I wish there was a way to get these girls tickets!!!!!!!

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