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Jul 28, 2022

Two Taylor Songs To Feature In ‘DC League Of Super-Pets’

More of Taylor’s songs will be used in a movie, one of them from an unreleased album! In the new movie DC League of Super-Pets Bad Blood (TV) and Message In a Bottle will be on the film’s soundtrack! She’s already dropped two other songs from 1989 (TV) so hopefully this indicates a full album release soon! You can head to the theater now to hear the songs and see the movie.

Even though we’re halfway through the year there are still a ton of exciting superhero movies coming out in 2022. One of the cuter films flying under the radar is the animated film DC League of Super-Pets starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. The film is set to soar into theaters this weekend and our two lead Super-Pets just revealed that two hit Taylor Swift tracks will be in the film.

In a hilarious post released on Johnson’s Twitter page, both the former WWE superstar and Hart jam out to Swift’s music. Hart is listening to “Message in A Bottle (Taylor’s Version)” and Johnson is analyzing the lyrics of “Bad Blood (Taylor’s Version).” “Message in A Bottle” will be featured at the end of the movie, most likely in the credits, while Johnson’s Krypto the Superdog can be seen humorously crying and singing along to “Bad Blood” in the video. In the various trailers we have seen up to this point, Krypto is very jealous of Superman and Lois’ relationship to the point where he has fantasized about throwing the famous Daily Planet reporter into the ocean. Krypto listening to “Bad Blood” probably has something to do with those relatable feelings.

This news gives even more reason for Swifties around the world to see this colorful superhero adventure. Swift’s songs are like a Swiss Army Knife to the soul, and she’s got a song for just about any situation. Swift has spent the last few years reclaiming her iconic back catalog. She has started releasing new editions of her first seven albums dubbed “Taylor’s Version” — last year she re-released both Fearless and Red. “Message in a Bottle” was featured on Red (Taylor’s Version) which came from the singer’s vault of unreleased songs from that era.

Super-Pets will be the first time fans will hear “Bad Blood (Taylor’s Version).” The hit song was originally featured on Swift’s album 1989. All signs point to that album being the singer’s next “Taylor’s Version” release as Swift has already dropped two other songs from 1989, “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” and “This Love (Taylor’s Version).” The latter of which appeared in the new hit Amazon Prime series The Summer I Turned Pretty. Swift has had a very productive summer so far as she also wrote an original song for the romantic drama Where the Crawdads Sing titled “Carolina”.

With its fun family superhero adventure vibe, Super-Pets seems like the perfect fit for Swift’s bubbly yet emotional style. Just imagining the Super-Pets walking towards the camera in slow motion parodying the “Bad Blood” music video is smile-inducing and this funny promotional video with Johnson and Hart is a blissful reminder of their impeccable chemistry. This Dynamic Duo can make anything endlessly funny, and you can see them in all their animated glory in DC League of Super-Pets which is only in theaters starting this Friday.

Before you buy your tickets, while anxiously waiting for Swift to drop 1989 (Taylor’s Version), you can watch the Swift-themed Super-Pets announcement down below.


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