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Apr 10, 2021

Taylor Talks To People Magazine About Her Re-recording Efforts On ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’

We all know Taylor is incredibly dedicated to her work. Recently, Taylor talked to People magazine about her efforts on the re-recording for Fearless (Taylor’s Version). She explains her thought process for each song, even going line by line. You can read the full article below.

“I really wanted to stay very loyal to the initial melodies that I had thought of for these songs,” she tells PEOPLE (the TV Show!)

Taylor Swift wanted her re-released version of Fearless to stay true to its roots.

Talking to PEOPLE (the TV Show!), Swift opens up about the recreation process and how she ensured that Taylor’s Version kept the same essence of its 2008 Grammy-winning original.

“In terms of production, I really wanted to stay very loyal to the initial melodies that I had thought of for these songs,” the 31-year-old tells PEOPLE. “And so we really did go in and try to create a ‘the same but better’ version. We kept all the same parts that I initially dreamed up for these songs. But if there was any way that we could improve upon the sonic quality, we did.”

“We just kind of took all the knowledge that we’ve acquired over decades of playing this music and applied that to it,” she adds. “But yeah, I did go in line by line and listen to every single vocal and think, you know, what are my inflections here. If I can improve upon it, I did. But I really did want this to be very true to what I initially thought of and what I had initially written. But better. Obviously.”

On Friday, Swift released the first re-recording of her six albums with her previous label Big Machine Group. The new album’s version includes six never-before-released tracks that Swift wrote during the same time but were scrapped from the original album.

The day before release, Swift shared snippets of five of her tracks through several outlets, including the album’s title track “Fearless” on Good Morning America. From the new album, Swift had already released “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” and two “From the Vault” tracks, “You All Over Me” and “Mr. Perfectly Fine.” 

“I’m so ecstatic that my album Fearless (Taylor’s Version) will be out tonight. It’s crazy that it’s finally here,” she said on the morning show.

In November 2020, Swift was legally allowed to re-record her first five albums, which Scooter Braun gained ownership of last year following his $330 million deal with Big Machine Label Group. Swift previously spoke out after Braun sold her masters to a company called Shamrock Holdings for $300 million.

Since leaving Big Machine, Swift signed with Republic Records and Universal Music Group in an agreement to own the rights to her music going forward. In 2019, she released Lover, followed by her two pandemic albums folklore and evermore in 2020.


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