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Feb 12, 2020

Taylor Breaks Down her Creative Process

Taylor and Lana Wilson, director of Miss Americana sat down to discuss more about the documentary. This clip talks about Taylor’s experiences while songwriting and why she wanted to show her process in the documentary!

Taylor Swift’s new Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, gives fans the most candid look into her life and career yet–and even dives into the songwriting process that has produced some of the most relatable, poetic lyrics in the pop music world.

In a new clip shared to YouTube, Swift and director Lana Wilson chat about having camera crews in the studio, something the songstress had never experienced before, but noted wasn’t “intrusive” at all.

“The ideas are my favorite part of everything I do,” she explained of her creative process. “That moment where you’re like, ‘Oh I know what it’s called,’ or ‘I know what the hook is now.’”

“I have to capitalize on the excitement of me getting that idea and see it all the way through otherwise I’ll leave it behind and I’ll assume it wasn’t good enough,” she continued.

The video then weaves in scenes from the documentary, in which Swift is overjoyed when she nails the chorus to “ME!” or a verse in “Getaway Car.” 

“I remember when I used to get an idea when I was 12 years old in my room. I used to get an idea and I’d be like, ‘Yes, idea!’ And then I’d get this fear and almost sorrow that no one was every going to hear it,” she said of finally getting to show people her thoughts. “I’m never going to get to make this into something. It’s just mine, and there’s something cute about that but I want to make something.”

See the clip below, and watch Miss Americana on Netflix now. 


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