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Sep 10, 2019

‘Cats’ Behind The Scenes Video

We’re still three months away until the release of Cats, but BTS videos have been released! See Taylor and the other actors talk about playing cats here:

It only makes sense that self-confessed cat-obsessed music superstar Taylor Swift is playing one in the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the hit musical Cats. But even she can’t believe it’s happening.

“If you told me I was going to get to be a cat for work…WHAT?” Swift, who plays a feline named Bombalurina, exclaims in a new preview of the Dec. 20 release.

Idris Elba and James Corden are also featured in the behind-the-scenes clip, above, which offers a look into the “cat school” where the cast learned choreography (catreography?) and rehearsed ahead of the movie’s filming late last year into this spring.

Corden, who brings to life Bustopher Jones, adds, “You’re going to take a load of people and they’re going to pretend to be cats. If you just say it out loud, it sounds bonkers. But that’s where the most fun happens, really.”

Elba admits the movie forced him out of his comfort zone. “I’m observing all the cats, and I’m singing and I’m dancing with the best dancers in the world,” says Elba. “So, I’m a little intimidated.”

Cats, directed by Tom Hooper (Les Misérables, The King’s Speech) also stars Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Hudson, Francesca Hayward, Jonadette Carpio, Robbie Fairchild, and Jason Derulo.


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