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Jun 13, 2019

Taylor announces new album “Lover” + New Single “You Need To Calm Down”

Taylor finally revealed the name of TS7! Lover will be released on August 23 and the second single, You Need to Calm Down, will be available tonight at MIDNIGHT!

During a Thursday evening Instagram livestream, Taylor Swift confirmed news regarding her next single — as well as the album on which it appears.

Confirming online rumors, Swift revealed that her new single “You Need To Calm Down” will launch at 12AM ET/9PM PT late Thursday/early Friday. The accompanying music video will premiere on “Good Morning America” this Monday, June 17.

Along with previous single “ME!,” the new song will appea ron Swift’s forthcoming album “Lover.” The album, her seventh, will launch on August 23 (8/23/19 | 8 + 2 + 3 = 13). The iTunes version of “Lover” is already available for pre-order; Target will exclusively offer four deluxe editions of the LP.

Containing 18 tracks, “Lover” will be Swift’s longest studio release.

Swift also partnered with Stella McCartney to develop a line inspired by the album.




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2 Comments on “Taylor announces new album “Lover” + New Single “You Need To Calm Down””

  1. What happened here? I think I saw much information when I first checked this, why did you change it? now it’s lack of info… what about her live stream aren’t you talking about that? And her new single? (Which I’m disappointed, I was expecting a new “Blank Space” after having “Me!” as the new “Shake It Off” but nope, I didn’t like it, what can I do?)

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