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Apr 22, 2015

7th Annual Shorty Awards

We won the Shorty Award for Best Fan Site in Social Media tonight!

We wanted to thank the Real Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences for choosing us amongst four other wonderful fan sites.

Thank you to our staff who have worked hard every single day for almost eight years now to keep our site running every single day: Hong, Carolina, Mo, Nassau, Aljaz, Dany, Joe, Rayane and Sarah.

Another huge thank you to two of our former staff members, Samantha and KP, for all of their contributions to site in the past.

Thank you to our loyal forum members for helping us out throughout the years: Florencia, Stig, Andrew, Darkangel, Chris, AR, TaylorFan13, Anna, JSwift, Brooke, Marko and Maria.

Thank you to Taylor Nation and Taylor Swift for always supporting us, encouraging us and cheering us on.

Thank you to all of the fan accounts who have helped us over the years in one way or another: tswiftdaily, TSwiftOnTour, TSwiftNZ, HipsterTSwift, SmilesForTaylor, Tay Swift Aus, Taylor Swift Argentina , Taylor Swift Philippines, and Taylor Swift Video.

And of course thank YOU for following us on all of our social media accounts and visiting our site!

This is a huge honor for us and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Congratulations to Taylor on her win for Best Singer as well!

Interview with Taylor Swift Web, winner of the Best Fansite Shorty Award

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