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Feb 17, 2015

1989 Bonus Tracks Coming To iTunes

Taylor Swift announced last night that she is making the bonus tracks from her insanely popular newest album ‘1989’ available on iTunes. This morning, Swift released the first bonus track, “Wonderland” on iTunes, with two more still to come. “You Are In Love” is the next bonus track on the album and was produced by Jack Antonoff of Bleachers and ‘fun.’ fame. The third bonus single still to come is entitled “New Romantics.”

Previously, these three tracks had been available on a Target-exclusive deluxe edition of 1989 and in select countries outside of the United States. Swift’s announcement last night makes iTunes the first digital storefront on which the three bonus tracks are available. Since its acquisition of Beats, Apple has had somewhat of a renewed focus on the music industry and Taylor Swift’s impromptu release further highlights that focus for Apple.

Coldplay, which also had an exclusive deluxe edition of ‘Ghost Stories’ available through Target, has yet to release the bonus tracks onto iTunes or any other digital storefront in the United States. Taylor Swift’s move again highlights her willingness to cooperate with Apple and Beats Music.

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