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Dec 4, 2013

Sydney, Australia

Taylor continued her Red tour at the Allianz Stadium in Sydney, Australia tonight. Thanks to Mark Metcalfe, you can check out some photos from the show in the gallery!

EDIT: Check out some videos of Taylor performing “Begin Again,” “Red,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and more on the forum!

2 Comments on “Sydney, Australia”

  1. Hi

    My sister and I are huge fans. We discovered Taylor Swift on the Country Music Channel years ago singing Teardrops on My Guitar, before she was popular in Australia. We have been to every concert in Sydney so far and last night was another one that we were so excited about. We had been waiting for the day to come since the announcement of the concert came out. But last night, even though we left home at 5pm we were stuck in our car for 4 hours trying to get to Moore Park. This trip should’ve only taken us 1 hour. We expected traffic and thought that even though we’d miss part of the support acts, we would get the end of the support acts and be there with plenty of time before Taylor started. We were not the only ones. There were lines and lines of cars trying to get into the stadium. At 9pm we were right outside the stadium and could hear Taylor on stage. We were very frustrated and upset by this stage because we’d been in the car in horrendous traffic, with so many others, for 4 hours. Almost 1/2 later we were still trying to find parking and got turned around by several parking facilities. We couldn’t even find street parking and didn’t want to risk getting booked by the rangers that were scouting the area. We came to the realisation, after missing an hour of the concert already, that we weren’t going to make it. We drove home absolutely shattered! If anyone has any idea about how we can get a refund for our tickets, please contact me via email db_0089@hotmail.com

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