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Yahoo Shine did an exclusive interview with Taylor about her style icons, fashion trends, and more fun non-music topics. It’s a refreshing read since it’s fresh material, so take a couple of minutes to see for yourself! You can read it below.

Pop sensation Taylor Swift may get constant press for her tumultuous love life, but here at Yahoo Shine, we’re obsessed with the star for another reason: her personal style. From her pitch-perfect off-duty wardrobe to her glam taste in red carpet gowns, Swift dresses as flawlessly as her enviable bangs and gorgeous red lips look.

While she prepares for a crazy whirlwind schedule that includes an international tour, the American Music Awards, the Country Music Awards, and an upcoming album, Swift has also been collaborating with Keds, the iconic sneaker brand, on covetable comfortable shoes. We sat down with the star to get the scoop on her style icons, the best and worst things she’s ever worn, and her beauty secrets.

Yahoo Shine: Your red carpet style has really evolved over the years. What’s your favorite look of all time?
Taylor Swift: I wore a gown to the Brits [in February] that was a black [Elie Saab] dress, and it had a belt, and I had a smoky makeup look. That was one of my favorites.

Taylor Swift regrets her prom-like red carpet choices, like this look she wore to the CMAs in 2007Y.S.: Do you have any fashion regrets from the past?

T.S.: I started walking red carpets when I was 16. I think since I missed prom so many times, I would wear prom-like dresses. Princessy, pastels… I can’t remember a specific one, I just see them all as a blur. [Laughs] Please don’t put a big picture of them in your article like, “A slideshow of Taylor’s terrible prom choices!” [Editor’s note: Sorry, Taylor. We had to show just one!]

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