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May 20, 2013

Brave Soles Contest

Keds is hosting the Brave Soles contest for a chance to meet Taylor at a Keds photoshoot! You can nominate who, in your opinion, is your bravest friend with the prize being a photo shoot with Taylor, a tour of the set and a styling session! The ten finalists will be decided by online voting at bravehearts.com and will receive a pair of Keds, along with other goodies in a swag bag. The grand prize winner will then be chosen by a panel of judges! You can check out the rest of the rules and prize information over at bravehearts.com! Good luck!

12 Comments on “Brave Soles Contest”

  1. In my opinion, Taylor Swift is my Bravest Friend because day to day she is being bashed about by people who don’t know her story. It takes a women to ignore all the negatives all around them and just stay positive throughout everything. Also she such a brave person because not many artist would have the courage to write about their “hzorrible exs” and go on in life and not say what song is about what ex. Its just amazes me what this women does her her fans and most importantly herself and her family cause in the end thats all that matters. ♥

  2. My son is a BIG taylor swift fan, his bedroom is nothing but taylor swift poster and picture. He has a little guitar of hers, has all of her cd’s he listens to her everyday, he went to her red tour concert, that was in houston texas. he wanted to actually meet her in person but didnt, he will buy everything that he see that has her face on it. He has her t shirts. Braclets, necklace that a glow stick, books, everything, he even has her hat that says, taylor swift world tour 13, he sleeps with her taylor swft blanket that he brought at Walgreens, plz pick my son to win this, this is his dream, he really likes taylor. He is her number 1 fan. He has a calander and everything, I want my son dreams to come true. Please pick him,

  3. hi, i want to know if there’s any possibility for me to be a part of the contest…. im from argentina. please, answer ! thanks

  4. The bravest friend I know, is my mother. She has always been the truest and best friend I’ve ever had. She has been a good mother but she has also been there for me with everything. My mom is the definition of “brave” because she did everything she could to get my sister and I out of a bad situation in life when we were younger. As a mother who was a stay at home mom, to having to move out on our own and for her to become a single mom with 2-3 jobs. She certainly defined this for me. My father was an alcoholic, who was verbally and physically abusive to her. My mom, sisters and I have gone through so much in life, and my mother stayed strong for all of us. She found the courage to make it on her own with us. She is a role model, a strong woman, and someone to look up to. I really hope my story gets picked because this would be in honor of a great mother/friend.

  5. I believe my bravest friend is my best friend, Kylie. We both love Taylor Swift; have since we were seven. I’ve seen Taylor live three times, by far the best experiences of my life, but Kylie, on the other hand, hasn’t. She loves Taylor as much as I do, and deserves to meet her more than anyone else. I believe Kylie’s the “bravest girl” because if someone trash talks Taylor, she stands up for her. Even if no one else is on her side, she’ll stand tall and defend her idol, just as I would. She’s just such a good person, brave and kind hearted, so I believe she deserves to win this contest and get to meet her inspiration from day one.

  6. I believe that Taylor swift is my bravest friend because she helps me through a lot of hard times. Each day people are mean to her and say things like stop signing about your exs and Taylor doesn’t let that bring her down. Taylor Swift is my idol for that. My life long dream is to meet Taylor because I LOVE HER and she’s my bravest friend.

    1. My bravest friend would be my best friend of 13 years, Autumn. The two of us met the first day of kindergarten and while I was shy, she walked herself right up to me and introduced herself. Autumn is always the one that encourages me to pursue what I want regardless of how scary it might initially. When I’m nervous about something like a test, Autumn is the one who can calm me down. When people picked on me, Autumn was the one who bravely told the bullies to stop. She never even considered whether that would cause my bullies to dislike her. She knew what was right and she took action. If you’re looking for someone brave, I doubt you’ll find anyone more fearless than my best friend Autumn.

  7. I honestly think that Taylor Alison Swift is the bravest, most amazing friend I have. She’s so strong to be having to deal with all the hate she gets daily. It really takes someone that strong to dust it off and know that she’ll always be better than the haters. She’s so amazing and so beautiful in so many ways, I can’t even describe. Many know her story and many chose to stay by her side and I am proud to be one of those many people. I’ve been here since day one, and I will never leave Taylor because she is such a down to earth person and I can’t explain how lovely she is. She does so much to help people, she’s SO successful and just a beautiful person inside and out and i’m so glad that I’m part of the swiftie fandom. To me, there’s really no fandom that is better than this one and I know, in my heart that I will forever and always be a swiftie.

  8. Hi i am martha.i dont really have any brave friends or alot of friends.so i want to nominate my mom.and taylor if you ever look at these comments i just want to let you know you are my idol and i love you

  9. Hi! My name is Samantha and I’m 13 years old. I believe that my friend madison is the bravest friend I’ve ever had. I see her literally everyday and all we do is talk about is Taylor swift. We watch taylor videos, listen to her music, look at pictures of her, and more. If we go out, we always go to the mall to look for Taylor swift outfits and merchandise. I can tell you that not a day will go by that we say we aren’t swifties. We have entered every contest to meet Taylor and always lost. It’s very hard to win these contests. So I’m praying that I can win this because if I did, my friend an I would be so blessed. I would cherish that day forever. So I hope you pick my friend and I! Good luck! I love you Taylor swift!

  10. Hi! I am Morgan and I’m 10, I don’t know if this counts but, my bravest friend is my dog buddy. Buddy is a 3 year old golden retriever and is my baby brother! He is not exactly the smartest dog in the world, but is my best friend. He has always listened to me when nobody else would. When ever someone comes by our house he barks LIKE CRAZY! He is such a lover! Well I hope this counts!

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