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Apr 7, 2013

48th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards

The first photos of Taylor on the ACM Red carpet have come out! Taylor is wearing a beautiful gold dress and a nice updo. Keep checking back here for more updates throughout the show!

UPDATE 1: Text 5 to 99888 to vote for Taylor for Entertainer of the Year! Check out this video that was just released! Important: there is a one vote limit per phone number. You’ll also receive a confirmation text when your vote is received, the lines may be congested but wait before sending your text again.

UPDATE 2: Album of The Year was announced it went to Eric Church’s “Chief” but Taylor still has two nominations left tonight! We’ve also added photos of Taylor with Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and other country stars in the audience during the show tonight.

UPDATE 3: Taylor just performed Highway Don’t Care with Tim Mcgraw and Keith Urban! It was a great performance, she sounded amazing and looked beautiful. Check out the video on the forum and photos from the performance in the gallery.

UPDATE 4: Female Vocalist of The Year went to Miranda Lambert and Entertainer of The Year went to Luke Bryan. I know we all gave it a big effort voting and we thank you for all your efforts anyway! Keep checking back here tomorrow as we’ll be adding more photos to the gallery.

5 Comments on “48th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards”

  1. She will always be our enterTAYner!
    and the most important thing is that she kept her promise and took Kevin McGuire to the show. That’s so nice of her!
    If people had just a little bit of the heart Taylor has, the world would be a better place to live in.

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