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Dec 9, 2012

Red Makes Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums Of 2012 List

Rolling Stone listed Taylor’s album Red as one of their favorite albums of 2012. Here’s what they had to say:

31 | Taylor Swift, ‘Red’

Pop star, country diva, puppy lover, scorned woman, flirt, gossip, sweetheart, brat, poet – Swift contains multitudes, and they’re all on display on her big, bustling fourth album. The Max Martin/Shellback-helmed pop moves are headline-grabbers. But Red is not a departure, it’s a deepening and accentuating of Swift’s natural gifts for storytelling and irrefutable hooks. And the sound expands her musical reach from slick Nashville pop rock (“All Too Well”) to wintry British mope pop (“The Last Time,” with Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody) and beyond.


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1 Comment on “Red Makes Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums Of 2012 List”

  1. Taylor,
    I love you so much. youre my true inspitation. there isnt one of your songs i cant relate to. when my words fail, your music speaks. one of my ultimate number one dreams is to meet you and share a stage with you. ive been plaing guitar and ive been a miusician in general for 5years. i love you so much. keep up the amazing work <3 :) ;*

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