Live On Letterman Concert uploaded a video of Taylor’s concert on Live on Letterman to their website. You can check out her performances of “You Belong With Me,” “Mean,” “Begin Again,” “Love Story,” “Red,” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” below.

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  1. Why are people so up on tayor about her new look…..welll didnt we all get a new look in our life… leave her live her life as she wants to live it everyone changes no one stay’s the same..JUst like if u when to middle school are thoses people the same by the time you get to high school and when u are done high school U change again…My Oh My it bothers me when So call Fan’s go on about How MUCH Taylor Changed, BLah BLAh Blah

  2. Im glad this is available now for all to see! :-) why oh why though for not just this performance but the live on letterman for Speak Now wasnt streamed live??

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